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Can a moving company be a logistics company?

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Many people don’t actually know the difference between both of these because of their kind of services. As the services they offer are quite similar therefore many people have this question in their mind. If you are also the one who is looking for the answer to this then here you will get all the answers regarding truck rental companies and how your hired movers can offer you their services. 

What do you refer to by a moving company?

A moving company or removalist is the one which provides you services to relocate your stuff from your home or office to the newly destined place. These companies are acquainted with a team of professional and experienced movers who offers you different moving services such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, and organizing the items. You can book a moving company for short as well as long-distance moves such as intercity transition, intra-city transition, interstate transition, intrastate transition, or even for international transition. The removalist helps in relocating houses and businesses. Your belongings are shifted safely and timely. 

What do you refer to by a logistics company?

Though logistics companies and moving companies are taken to be similar their working is quite different from the removalists. The logistics companies are the one which mainly plans, implements, acquires, stores, controls and transports the goods, services and even information from one place to the other one. The movement of goods can be termed as relocation of goods, but it is entirely different. In case you want to move across a particular country, then you will need to hire both removalists and logistics companies.

When a person needs both a moving company and a logistics company?

Yes, you might have this question in your mind because international moving itself is really a very expensive thing then why you will hire both the services. When you want to relocate to the international border, then you will need the help of both a removalist and logistics company. Movers are not licensed to shift your possessions across the host country. In such a situation you will have to go with a logistics company as it has a license for shipping your stuff internationally. Movers are responsible for packing and loading and it is a logistics company which further ships your stuff to international borders.

The actual task of freight forwarders: 

Now you know the difference but might still be wondering to know the actual workings of the freight forwarders. The job of these is to ship cargo overseas. Apart from this, their job is to maintain the ships that they drive. It is completely their duty to deal with the rules and regulations of different countries. They offer their services at a higher cost, but they don’t usually work at the domestic level. They tend to ship the items from one country to another while following all the rules governed by both countries. When you hire movers, you don’t have to worry about anything because it will be their duty to work in accompany the freight forwarders or logistics companies whatever is required in a specific move. 

What is the differentiation between logistics companies and international moving companies?

Freight forwarders are the ones who are professional in dealing with logistic services when planning to relocate across the country. These companies are more specialized in providing services for an international move. Whereas international moving companies are the ones which are experienced in providing services such as on-ground packing of personal stuff and then shifting the same to the destined place. 

Although the main jobs of moving companies and freight forwarders are different there is a possibility that some international moving companies can provide freight forwarders’ logistics services. At the same time, some logistics companies can also provide you with moving services and thus, charge for the same. Both can interchange their services and as per your requirement, you can hire the services you need. 

A moving company helps in transporting the goods from one place to another place while logistics is not only limited to transportation even manages all the inward and outward of the transportation of goods and services. 

How much do the logistic companies cost?

Now you know that you can’t move products internationally without the help of freight forwards or a logistic company. But do you know the fact that if you hire movers, you will be charged less for the same services than the freight forwarders? And you don’t need to deal with them directly. If you are still considering this option and considering having an international move, then you should be ready to spend a higher move. The only way to reduce the money is by reducing the number of items to ship as you must pay according to the shipping container you load, volume, and weight of the belongings. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

In short, yes moving companies can also be a logistics companies because it relocates all your home stuff and helps you in relocation.