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Can International Students Travel to Canada?

Many international students see Canada as a great place to study. There are many things you need to know as a student before consider moving to Canada. Find out more!

Many international students who leave their home countries for school always look forward to exploring other cities and countries abroad. How many students travel abroad is a common question, but Canada’s one primary destination students like to visit. This is because it is a country rich with tourist sites, culture, and excellent infrastructure.

Each province has its unique things to see. Whether it’s the idyllic beauty of a northern lake, the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains, or the famous red soil and lighthouses of the Maritime, Canada is awe-inspiring and full of possibilities. As a Student wanting to travel to Canada without a teacher, there are a few things to consider and a lesson or two to learn. Also, if you require or need to get help with coursework writing, there are many ways to go about it. Some students may consider the library, while others prefer to seek help online. Both ways are available in Canada. 

Vacation in Canada

Visitors visas may be required for students visiting Canada. Verify if you require a visitor visa and how to apply for one on the Canadian Consulate’s website. Plan ahead of time, as the process can take up to a month. Online or postal applications are welcome. 

When you start the application process for a visitor visa to Canada, citizens of several countries may additionally be needed to provide data (fingerprints and photographs). Before applying for a Canadian visa, you must have an I-20 or DS-2019 with an active travel signature.

Transit through Canada

If you only want to pass through Canada for a short stop before going elsewhere, it may require you to go through due process. Even for a brief layover, Transiting through Canada may necessitate a visa. You can determine if you require a Canadian transit visa by visiting the Canadian Consulate’s website. 

Requirements for traveling to Canada as an international college or university Student

●  A passport that can be used for at least the next six months.

●  I-20 (or DS-2019 for scholars) has been endorsed by International Students and Scholars personnel recently.

●  Your State Identification Number (IDN) (from the I-94 retrieval website)

●  Return to the United States of America with your US F-1 (or J-1 for academics) education visa.

●  A Canadian visa, if required, is necessary to enter the country

●  Your biometrics (where required). You can find out if your country of origin is on the Biometrics list. 

It is important to note that the I-94 card should not be surrendered before entering Canada if you are just visiting Canada for less than 30 days. 

Applying for a Canadian Visa

Visiting the Canadian Consulate’s website is a great place to start if you need all your questions answered, even if it’s how students can travel cheaply. It will come in handy, so use it as a resource. 

For inhabitants of countries that require an entry visa to Canada, it’s good to get your visa application in early. Entry visas CAN NOT be obtained at the border. Check out the Los Angeles office’s chart for the most up-to-date processing times. If you want to visit Canada as soon as possible, we recommend applying for a visiting visa as early as feasible. 

You can either mail or apply online or go to a  Visa Application Center to apply for a visa. You must first contact the Application Support Center in Portland if your native country is on the Biometrics list. You would then ship your passport and I-20 because these documents are critical to your identity. You can use services such as FedEx, UPS, or any trusted postal service in your country. Sending your passport or other immigration documents by normal mail is not recommended. 

Restrictions and exclusions for international students’ travel 

Three conditions must be met to be admitted to Canada as a student. However, it’s up to the border patrol officer to decide if you qualify or not. Their criteria include; 

●  Unless you are a minor student, you must be a fully vaccinated traveler Below 18 years).

●  The only exception is if you don’t need a study visa, in which case you don’t need a letter of introduction.

●  You must be enrolled in a recognized educational institution to participate (DLI). 


To study abroad in Canada as an international student, you must be a fully vaccinated traveler. 

Your immunization status must be verified in Arrive CAN. You should carry a copy of the document. To qualify as a fully vaccinated traveler, you must comply with the border services officer’s COVID-19 quarantine and testing requirements.


Canada is a beautiful country and one where many are seeking to travel. To be granted access into the country, you should have all the necessary documents and comply with protocols and procedures. There are lots to explore, so you should make time to enjoy the country and its sights before you say your goodbyes.