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Eat Your Way Through These 6 US Cities

Photo by Aaron Burden

Eating your way through a country should be high on your travel bucket list. Have you seen those Las Vegas buffets? They are simply delicious and feature the iconic prawn cocktail. These are the things you should be thinking about when picking your next food travel destination. Luckily for you, the US is a melting pot of food. And there are just SO many options to choose from. We suggest always finding a destination that features cuisine you’ve never tried before. This is a culturally rich experience, and you get to try something new. Let’s look at the US destinations that every foodie should visit.

Seattle, Washington

We must admit, this isn’t necessarily the first place that springs to mind when thinking about delicious cuisine, but damn, does this city surprise you. First things first, Seattle is a coffee city. Everyone is serious about their cup of Joe and sees coffee as more than just coffee. But we also get this. Coffee is the one beverage that most people enjoy. But this isn’t the only thing the city is known for; seafood is also a massive thing here. Think oysters, crab, mussels, salmon, and clams too. Yes, if you are after a delicious seafood experience, head to Seattle. Then there is beer and wine too. What more could you want?  

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin

Portland City, Oregon

We are so used to hearing about Napa Valley, Las Vegas, and more when it comes to foodie cities in America. So, it’s a nice change when cities such as Portland make a foodie appearance. So, what does Portland have to offer? Well, food trucks, for starters. Like most cities in the US, Portland offers a range of food trucks. These trucks feature food from across the globe, as well as authentic US dishes. But that’s not all. You will have curry brisket (a popular one among locals), clam chowder, a steamed burger, and raspberry donuts.  

Charleston, South Carolina

A foodie tour will not be complete without the South. Never would this be the case. You must visit the South because the experience will be delicious, quite literally. Charleston is a historic place, and its history is intertwined with food. Shrimp and grits are right up there with the best. At the same time, you’ll also experience some Caribbean flavors. Southern hospitality PLUS epic Southern food, and you are in for a real treat.

Chicago, Illinois

We love the Windy City. It has given us countless shows and movies and produced athletic greats like Michael Jordan. It’s also known for the iconic deep-dish pizza – we know that Italians despise this so much, but it’s uber tasty. There are lists of the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago, so check them out and find a few you’d like. But Chicago isn’t only known for its deep-dish pizzas. You must tuck into the loaded hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. Those are tasty and nothing like the rest of the US.  

Nashville, Tennessee

Have you ever wanted to eat your way through Nashville but weren’t sure about the food you’d enjoy? Well, you shouldn’t fret too much because you’d love it ALL. This city is known for its fried foods, which is a great hook since most people love fried foods. Most Southern-cooked meals are super affordable and cater to nearly all taste buds. But this city also features a range of fusion meals you won’t experience anywhere else in America.  

Photo by Niramay Kachhadiya 

Philadelphia City, Philadelphia

The Philly Cheese Steak, that’s it, that’s the post. The Philly Cheese Steak has so many variants, and each one of them is iconic. And man, are they tasty. But this is not all the city is known for. There are incredible cream cheese brands and even cheesecake too. Yes, Philly is known for all-things cheese – YUM. But there are also many other things to try here. Firstly, the roast pork sandwich. It is all kinds of tasty and something unique in a city that is known for its beef.  

Then there are the hoagies. For those who don’t know, a hoagie is a sub-like sandwich stuffed with meats, salads, or veg and cheese. It’s great and can be enjoyed alone or shared between two people, so go and find the best places to have a hoagie. While the city has a range of savory foods, there is also something for the ones with a sweet tooth. You can tuck into cupcakes, pretzels, and shaved ice. Yes, shaved ice is big here. You can add your flavors, but it’s suggested to always go with fruit syrup.