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Everything You Need To Do Before A Trip Around The World

While your friends’ social media accounts are flooded with pictures from far across the world, you are sitting here cribbing about your 9 to 5 job. Well, that isn’t fair at all. 

If you often find yourself dreaming about exciting adventures in distant lands, a trip around the world might just be for you!

Traveling the world is exciting, sure! But planning a world tour is an extremely challenging affair. It may seem like a cakewalk for someone who have exceptional organizational skills, but it often takes months of preparation and planning before you embark on your journey!

In this article, we will lay out a step-by-step guide to help you plan a world trip and turn your daydream into a reality.

Decide Where You Want To Go 

First things first, pick the countries, states, cities you want to visit. It can often be hard to choose where you want to go, but everything else depends on the goal you set. 

There is no right or wrong way to do it. Sit down with your travel buddy and a world map, and start marking all the places you’d love to visit at least once in your life.

Plan A Connecting Route 

Now that you have marked the list of potential destinations, it is time for you to plan a connecting route. This is the point where you will realize that it may not be practical to cover all the spots on the list. 

Take some pins and start placing them on all the marked spots, and while you are connecting them through a feasible route, drop the ones that may need a detour. 

NOTE: When checking off destinations on your list, take into consideration the time you will be traveling and the weather conditions of each place. 

Set Your Budget

Next, set your travel budget. Once you have roughly figured out your travel route, this should be easy. 

Read travel blogs and guides to estimate how big each destination is going to cost you. Also, keep into account the number of days you are planning to spend at each spot, the kind of transportation you will use, the accommodation you will live in, and a daily budget for food, drinks, wandering, and shopping!

Book Everything Far In Advance

Booking flights, accommodation, event/ festival tickets, and travel guides in advance is a great way to ensure mental peace. Moreover, it helps you tailor your budget and itinerary if needed. 

However, that doesn’t mean now you have to stick to a strict itinerary. You can always make changes in your plans last minute and add a dash of spontaneity.

Get Vaccinated

Some countries don’t let a visitor in without checking the proof of all the vaccinations you’ve had. So, find your vaccination record, consult your doctor about the ones you may need for your world trip, and get vaccinated.

In case you are on certain medications, buy enough of them to last you the duration of the trip. If you are doubtful about the duration, have a prescription written from your doctor so that you can easily buy them abroad.

Get Prepared

Last, here are some planning measures you must take. 

  • Check your passport.
  • Apply for visas.
  • Get your personal and travel documents in order. 
  • Get the right credit card. 
  • Inform your employer/ business partner about the trip.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to circumnavigating the globe, planning the trip can feel like the most exciting and overwhelming part. 

To help you with the same, we created a step-by-step planning guide. All this may look difficult to tackle, but once you’ve started the trip, all this hard work will be worth it. And while you are traveling the world, the below-mentioned tips can help you cut costs. 

  • Grab a city pass.
  • Eliminate hidden hotel fees.
  • Buy Iridium Go from All Road Sat for easy global voice calling and text messaging.
  • Pick restaurants wisely.
  • Ask for free amenities you can access on the flights and during your stay at hotels.

That’s all. Hopefully, this was helpful!



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