Chicago is an amazing city with things to do for the whole family. You’d be hard pushed to find a reason to be bored when staying here. Being such a large city, it is understandable if you feel nervous prior to traveling, especially since it’s incredible in comparison to smaller towns and rural areas.

As with any large city, if you keep yourself safe, using both common sense and street smarts, you won’t run into trouble – however, accidents do happen, so if you have been hurt unnecessarily find a personal injury attorney in Chicago by clicking the link.


You will be able to shop until your heart’s content when you visit Chicago. You don’t need to go to the more obvious cities (i.e New York) to spend money. Whether you want clothing, household goods, souvenirs, or just to experience life in Chicago, there will be something for you. If you’re staying in an apartment, rather than simply buying the usual foods from the store, you might want to try some traditional Illinois living. Chicago boasts numerous farmers’ markets where local farmers can sell their produce. Here you can find locally grown, reared, killed, or made foods, such as meat, vegetables, and cheese. You can even get some local flowers to spruce up your room.


There are so many beaches in Chicago, due to its location on the eastern coast. Each one has different delights to offer you and your family. Whether you’re after a morning stroll to watch the sunrise, a scenic breakfast spot, a place to have fun with the kids, or even want some quiet time stargazing with the one you love, these beaches offer it all. Temperatures can vary throughout the year, so you might want to check prior to booking to avoid any disappointment. Make sure to pay attention to any warnings or instructions, either on the beaches or by any lifeguards.


Museums and education are not what most people would think of as fun, but in Chicago they can be. You might want to visit one of the many aquariums the city has to offer. If aquatic life isn’t your thing, there are also museums that cater to art and history, as well as even one for sports fans. You don’t need to center your whole vacation around education and learning, but one day of expanding your knowledge could actually be a good thing. You might discover something utterly amazing that you didn’t know, or find a fun activity within one of these locations. Considering how many locations there are for educational opportunities, chances are you also won’t have to travel too far from where you’re staying.

With its transport links and ease of access, getting around Chicago and making the most of your trip will come with ease. Rather than taking a taxi, you might opt for the bus, subway, or even to explore the area you’re in on foot. You can get the best of both an urban break and a beach vacation all wrapped up in one in Chicago.


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