Over the last year, we’ve been cooped up in our homes for the most part, dreaming about our next trip. At the same time, people have become more aware of the damaging impact we’re leaving on the planet and all the living things. This has sparked a greater desire in many to travel in more sustainable ways. Generally speaking, travel in itself isn’t the most eco-friendly habit of ours, since we keep growing our carbon footprint with every flight, cruise, or ride we take.

However, there are ways to offset our carbon footprint and make other, smarter decisions when we travel to make sure that we’re protecting our planet. Here are a few travel-friendly tips to keep you, globetrotters happy, without damaging our precious natural world.

Pick green destinations

Some places invest more effort in sustainability initiatives than all others combined, and they have earned the respect of the global traveling community for such tremendous impact. That should be your top criterion for choosing where to go: find eco-friendly regions and countries where you can fully immerse yourself into the green mindset.

You can take part in local initiatives such as planting trees in Hawaii in an effort to help with local reforestation, or find out about other ways to make a difference.

Explore and travel locally

During the pandemic, more people have discovered the wonders of local travel, without the ability to cross any borders over the course of an entire year, and then some. That has helped every local economy benefit from a boost in local tourism, but it has also allowed people to find other green ways to make local travel greener.

In Australia, people have mostly chosen road trips as a way to steer clear of flying and packed bus lines. For more mindful travel options, sustainable car share in Sydney has become a top choice for many locals to organize smarter road trips. It’s cost-effective, but above all, it has nudged more people into exploring the wealth of nature reserves in the surrounding region in an eco-friendly manner.

Choose sustainable stays

Considering the emerging green trends and the increasing need for sustainable travel options, it’s no wonder that hotels, boutique and otherwise are implementing cleaner features to attract eco-conscious travelers. If you’ve decided to go abroad instead of traveling locally, then the first sustainable villa in Tuscany might be a good pick. They use 100% sustainable energy sources, no chemicals in their pools, and serve local, seasonal foods of organic origin.

You’ll also find different beach resorts doing their best to go green and reach their own sustainability goals. That means that you now have all kinds of green options to choose from, not just your traditional stays with no consideration for the planet.

Say goodbye to plastic

One major issue that travelers face and that the practice tends to cause is waste. Energy and water waste are painfully common, but travelers also tend to purchase plastic and other types of materials that further contribute to waste in general.

In addition to choosing better, greener accommodation options that take energy conservation into account, you can choose reusable and say no to plastic items. That includes your souvenirs and other purchases you make abroad. Go for natural materials and fabrics, but also pick reusable items that don’t rely on plastic.

Do some good in the local community

Vacations don’t necessarily have to boil down to having a cocktail in your hand on the beach for the duration of those ten days or two weeks. In fact, you will most likely discover local organizations for volunteering and helping impoverished families recovering from a natural disaster to bounce back – not just with donations, but with your time and skills!

There are worldwide organizations that can help you find something you can do to help local communities recover. Volunteer with the wildlife, on the local farms, cleaning rivers and lakes, or find something relevant in that region.

The world is a beautiful place that will always inspire us to sneak a peek into its most remote, hidden regions, but we also need to be more mindful in how we take those adventures. With these and similar tips, we can help make the planet a greener, healthier place, and more than ever before, set an example for the rest of the traveling community to take these issues to heart and make smarter decisions in the future.


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