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Is Relocating to Spain A Good Idea? 3 Things To Know Before You Move

One of the few good things that have come with this pandemic is the drive that has pushed many people to finally turn their dreams into reality. 

Whether it’s quitting their job and moving to a new company, starting that candle-making business, opening a bakery or moving to a new country—we’ve seen a surge in more and more Millennials and GenZ opting to live out their calling in both their professional and personal life choices. 

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones who have finally decided to take the leap and try out something scary, new, and exciting by moving to a city like Spain, which is completely new to you—both in terms of culture and geography, then we’re here to help!

Every country has its own qualities which are specific to the region and people, and it’s only natural that you’d be nervous about what to expect.

However, with a little bit of background knowledge and some early preparation, you’ll be able to easily find your way around the place, meet new people, and get a hang of how things work around there, irrespective of where you’re from. Now let’s get started—happy reading!

You Need to Learn Spanish—ASAP

Though you could be one of the few who go to a country completely unprepared and try to wing it—we recommend learning the basics of the language if you truly want to make the most of your early days there. 

If you were simply visiting the country, you’d be able to get around for a couple of weeks with a little bit of working knowledge of the language, however, since you’re relocating, you’ll have to know a little bit to find your way around the place and even negotiate your housing! 

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to learn the language if you want to live there for a longer period of time. So why not start early and get a good grip, instead of landing up there and then thinking about how you’d communicate with the people around you? 

Plus, you’ll also have more to worry about and look at once you move, so language classes may not be first on your priority. 

It’s a good idea to get started early, even before you move—there are a number of good lesson plans online, such as Lingoda’s Spanish courses which will help you build a strong understanding of the language before you move. 

The Cost of Living is Cheaper

Though there are some European countries which are known for expensive housing and living, Spain is one of the few countries which are affordable, where the cost of living is comparatively lower when compared to the other countries around it. 

Additionally, Spain has also been known to be a place where people and couples can choose to retire on a sum of around $20,000 to $25,000 a year, though they can live comfortably on a little less too, if they’re frugal. 

Choose your Location Wisely

If you’re moving there for work, you may have no choice but to live in a main area which is close to your office to reduce commuting. However, if you’re not going to be working from the office, it makes sense to spend some time researching to find good and affordable places for your housing. 

An important point to remember is that you’ll be able to find places which are much cheaper if you look for areas that are farther away from the big cities. By choosing to live a minimal lifestyle, you’ll be able to live comfortably even if you’re not earning much to begin with.