It’s January 2021, the perfect time to make plans for this year’s bucket list. With travel on everyone’s mind, this is an opportunity to make it all seem real. To get you started, we have compiled a list of five unique luxury experiences in Los Cabos for some inspiration.

Los Cabos continues to maintain priority on its citizen’s health and safety in addition to ensuring the well-being of visitors on vacation. Currently, the capacity in all hotels, resorts, and restaurants is limited to 40% with strict COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone safe. To help secure traveller well-being, Los Cabos has developed its health and safety protocol system, Los Cabos with Care – A Safer Way to Get Away, a plan centred on strict standards that facilitate a safer travel environment.


Get off the beaten track. Welcome to the most incredible off-road experience in the world! The Baja Luxury Jeep off-road private tour allows you to go beyond the beach in Los Cabos and into the beautiful desert. The tour takes you through Santiago’s small and colourful town, one of the oldest missions in Los Cabo. The next stop is the desert’s hidden treasure, Fox Canyon, where the tropical oasis awaits your exploration. Be sure to bring your bathing suit for the water slides and waterfall where you and your crew can take a break from the sun. This off-road tour gives you an unprecedented scenic experience and captures all the beauty that Los Cabos offers. 

After this unique adventure, there are an array of local restaurants where you can enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine. Following your meal, there is still time for more fun and adventure on the way back before your tour ends. The mix of relaxation and excitement defines luxury, and the tour will surely be one of your favourite memories exclusive to Los Cabos.

For more information on the Baja Jeep Off-road Tour, visit High Tide Los Cabos.

Luxury Sailing Cabo Tour

If sailing has captured your imagination, you absolutely must see the magnificent coast of Los Cabos. The Luxury Sailing Cabo Tour is the day trip of your dreams. Relax aboard luxurious French-made boats and catamarans while you cruise in the calming waters of the Pacific coast near Cabo San Luca. This smooth sailing tour explores one of the most beautiful regions in the world, as the tour guide gives you a close look at Lover’s Beach, Pelican Rock, and other memorable sites. The world-class service includes hors d’oeuvres and an unlimited bar.

The sight-seeing tour ends mid-day giving you a chance to soak up the sun, snorkel the beautiful waters, or paddleboard. Be on the lookout for marine life! After the activities, a lovely lunch will be provided for you to enjoy in the sunshine.

Please visit Cabo Adventures for more information on the Luxury Sailing Cabo Tour.


Have you ever been curious about surfing? Many people have tried to learn but have not had much success. Now, Los Cabos has an unbelievable learning experience, providing surfing lessons at Cerritos. The teachings include lessons from professional coaches whose goal is to make you feel safe, so you do not miss the fun! Cerritos is home to one of Los Cabo’s best surf spots that provide waves for beginners and more experienced surfers. The all-day activity starts in the morning and lasts more than six hours, giving surfers the chance to catch all the best waves that make Cerritos famous. This luxurious experience is unique to Los Cabos, and many people have found a new love for surfing by experiencing this exciting sport in these perfect conditions.

For more information on the Surf Lessons at Cerritos, visit


This Los Cabos whale watching tour is unlike any other whale watching experience in the world. This tour takes you on a stunning sunset adventure, where you will hear the beautiful songs of humpback whales in their mating season. The Pacific Ocean’s warm waters of Cabo San Lucas are known for the extensive wildlife, including different species of whale, dolphin, and porpoises.

The experience of hearing a whale’s song is a memory that will be cherished for the rest of your life. A whale song is a loud series of sounds that is unmistakeably unique to the rich waters of Los Cabos.

After the sun sets, stargazing will be the ultimate finale to one of the most peaceful nights of your life as the stars of Cabo San Lucas will reflect off the Pacific Ocean. The sounds of the whale concert will be unforgettable for you and your loved ones. For more information on the whale concert and whale watching tours, please visit


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