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Poker Pilgrimage: Following the Footsteps of Professional Poker Players

Professional poker is a game that has evolved significantly in recent decades. With the game providing a number of appealing and attractive incentives, there have been many who have decided to try and forge a career for themselves within the pro circuit.

While it is obvious that the sums of money that can be obtained can be among some of the biggest prizes available, others have taken to the casino classic because of the travel opportunities that are offered when competing in tournaments.

Poker provides numerous travel opportunities

Given the widespread appeal of poker, professionals are now competing in events held in iconic cities worldwide. While some are synonymous with the game, some have started to appear on schedules more often because of the popularity that poker has been able to achieve.

From Las Vegas to London, Monaco to Macau, there are some venues where the world’s iconic and legendary poker players have gone on to play in their efforts to win some of the biggest prize pots available, while also testing themselves against some of the most skilled players the sport has to offer.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is undoubtedly one of the homes of poker. The WSOP is arguably the biggest poker event and this has been held annually in Sin City since 1970, thus emphasizing its status as the game’s home. Of course, Las Vegas has a number of iconic poker rooms across The Strip that are continually used, with many of the world-famous casino establishments located along the stretch being used. To further highlight how synonymous Sin City has become as the game’s home, there are poker sites that have created games playable online that are inspired and based on the world-famous Las Vegas rooms that many of the professionals continually play in when they are on the circuit.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Perhaps Europe’s answer to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo in Monaco has become one of the premier destinations for professional poker tournaments. Many of the game’s iconic names and legendary figures have been spotted sitting at tables in this region as they all look to try and execute the perfect hands to win the prizes on offer. The location is known for its luxury and elegance, which perhaps helps to make it an ideal destination for those who enjoy high-stakes poker.


If Europe has an answer to Las Vegas and the glitz and glamour that poker has been able to experience here, then Macau is definitely Asia’s answer. The country – a special administrative region of Mainland China – has grown into one of the biggest gambling hubs in the world, thus making it appealing for poker events to be held in the location. A number of the biggest and best poker rooms can be found here, which is why so many of the world’s best professionals continually compete in tournaments traditionally held here.


London has always been a popular destination for tourism. Still, with a thriving poker scene, the British capital has also been an ideal venue for the biggest poker tournaments to be held. There are various poker rooms dotted around the city as numerous casino establishments can be found here, with many of the players with the biggest reputations continually taking part in the events hosted in the UK.

The Caribbean

Given the rise in popularity of professional poker, there have been a number of global regions that have sought to bring the game to their shores. The Caribbean is one of those in more recent times, as players have been able to head to the region and compete for millions of dollars in the past.

Could we see more locations in the future?

With poker continuing to enjoy a growing fanbase, it would not be an entire shock if we were to see a number of other locations look to host professional poker events, such as tournaments and festivals, in the future. These events are likely to attract the biggest names in the industry, thus allowing fans to be able to see their favorite stars at a table in new locations playing their best cards.