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Repour Wine Saver is What Your Virtual Tastings Are Missing

repour stopper for wine bottles

Amidst a 27% increase in 2020 DTC sales, wineries quickly transitioned to virtual tastings to engage with customers in the digital space. Soon, restaurants, wine professionals, and even corporations embraced virtual experiences, too. In order to outshine the current cascade of virtual offerings, companies like Netflix, Veritas restaurant, Tres Sabores winery, and more rely on Repour to elevate their virtual wine tasting experiences.

Named by wine professionals as one of Liquor.com’s 9 Best Wine Accessories in 2021, Repour is a smart way to preserve open bottles of wine. One Repour keeps a 750ml bottle of wine fresh for up to two months. The brand’s proprietary technology, which eliminates 100% of the oxygen in an open bottle, has helped Repour become the top wine preservation tool for wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. For instance, when Netflix employees connect for virtual wine tastings, the company sends Repour with every wine shipment.

“We included Repour with the wines we shipped so everyone could enjoy the rest of their wine at a later date,” shares Andi Wilson, an Executive Assistant at Netflix. “My bottle of wine was just as fresh as when I first opened it, long after the initial tasting. Repour is simple to use, budget-friendly, and I have used them multiple times since. It’s my go-to wine stopper!”  

Repour saves open bottles of wine to the last drop. There is a special packet inside the easy-to-use stopper which reacts with oxygen until there is no oxygen left in the bottle. Gregory Stokes, Advanced Sommelier and General Manager at Veritas restaurant in Columbus, OH, utilizes Repour for both restaurant service and for virtual tastings. 

“With Repour, we can pour quickly during service, and save all of our BTG wines—not just the expensive ones—from being wasted due to oxidation,” says Stokes. “We also bundle them into every virtual wine tasting kit so our patrons can enjoy whole bottles of wine at home, and we don’t have to worry about the logistics of repackaging wines into small bottles.”

For successful digital tasting experiences, it’s essential for brands to authentically connect with consumers in the virtual space. A value-add product like Repour helps foster brand loyalty by going the extra mile to help customers enjoy wines beyond the experience. Additionally, Repour offers custom branding for their wine stoppers and packaging so companies can build lasting brand awareness. 

To learn more about Repour, visit www.repour.com


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