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Five ways to make the most out of a fall road trip

One of the beautiful things about Canada is enjoying all four seasons. With the weather changing, the leaves turning, and pumpkin spice everything, it is the perfect time to take a road trip. Whether heading out for the day or going on a longer adventure, driving through Canada can be spectacular. With the help of the experts at OK Tire, here are five ways to make the most out of your fall road trip!

Hit up the backroads

The countryside is the best place to be during the fall because it’s absolutely stunning. The red, oranges, and browns pop against the blue skyline, and when the glistening glow of the shining sun highlights the changing colours, the result is breathtaking. Driving through the backroads, especially the ones less travelled, allows you to take in the picturesque landscape.

Whether you’re driving through cottage country en route to go to a pumpkin patch or to go apple picking, map out the scenic route and enjoy the drive. If you’re headed somewhere further, remember that the drive is also part of the trip’s journey, so even if it takes you a little longer, it could definitely be worth it. 

Plan your pit stops, but also leave room for spontaneous ones

Pit stops can make or break a road trip. Make sure to look at your route beforehand, especially if you’re headed out for a long trip so you can plan accordingly. If you’re a picky eater, take a look at your dining options; if you’re a coffee aficionado, research some of the local cafes you might want to try; if you love to stretch your legs, plan some sightseeing stops along the way. The trip is yours for the making, so make it your own and have fun with it. Don’t forget though, a little spontaneity can equate to some big fun. If you have the luxury of time, make sure to stop at those places you see along the way that make you say, “I wish I had time to go there.” If you plan for it, you will have time!

Fuel up outside of the city

To save some money, fuel up outside of major hubs. Gas prices are typically slightly cheaper in areas less populated due to the laws of supply and demand. Fuelling up at night can also be more cost-efficient for the same reason.

Plan for the weather

Fall can be finicky when it comes to the weather: warm during the day, colder at night, and everything in between. On those days when you’re driving and the sun is still shining, you might want to roll down the windows and enjoy the crisp air. Make sure to keep a sweater out for easy access and wear layers. Also, ever try seat warmers with the windows down? Highly recommend.

Crank up the tunes:

With the help of OK Tire’s road trip specialists, they curated a Spotify playlist to make sure you’re ready to rock and roll through the backroads and highways. The playlist will have you jamming to everything from those oldies but goldies, to some newfound favourites. 



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