Take the Path to Wellness in Nevis


For travellers who embrace healthy lifestyles and practices, Nevis offers an ideal opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and relax and rejuvenate in a lush, natural environment. Edith Irby Jones Wellness Center and Safir Sanctuary is the perfect place for guests seeking vacation experiences that improve their overall wellbeing.

The Edith Irby Jones Wellness Center and Safir Sanctuary offers luxurious holistic and spa treatments for optimal health that are customized according to the needs of the guest. With a focus on achieving mental clarity, physical and emotional healing, physical and mental strength, and internal and external peace, the Center promotes lifestyle awareness, education, modification and support. Founder and director Myra Jones Romain has created treatments and services designed to complement western medical practices in preventing, controlling and alleviating diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer and general wellbeing.

Their signature “Indulgent Medical Massage” experience begins with a health assessment and consultation from a Licensed & Certified Medical Massage Therapist; the 60 minute massage journey of peaceful sounds, soothing aromas, hot stones and skillfully focused strokes and stretches help to manage pain, accelerate healing and provide true relaxation. Another popular service is the “Foot Detox with Shoulder and Neck Massage” which lets guests enjoy a foot soak with negative and positive ions, increasing circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins and making the body more alkaline. The neck and shoulders are gently massaged to relax the whole body. Infrared light may be added to help with pain in a targeted area.

Additional services include Detox Treatments to boost the immune system; Stretch Sessions to build strength, endurance and flexibility; Nutritional Counseling to foster good health and performance; Meditation to feed the soul and quiet the mind for vision and growth; and Retreats for obtaining and maintaining optimal wellness.

The Safir Sanctuary is a part of the Edith Irby Jones Wellness Retreat Center where they offer new personal experiences for healing and sustainable optimal wellness through Life Coaching, “Yomassage” Classes, Dancing Qigong Meditation and Destination Retreats. They want guests to glow from the inside out by “Mastering the Art of Luminescence”, harnessing their power, talents and greatness so that external circumstances do not determine prosperity or joy.


Once the lookout point for the British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, the Saddle Hill Battery now serves as a spectacular scenic observation area where you can reflect and enjoy breathtaking views of the cerulean Caribbean Sea. On a clear day you can see Antigua, Montserrat and possibly Guadeloupe. Horatio Nelson reputedly spent much of his free time there looking for approaching enemy ships when he was stationed on Nevis and in charge of the British fleet. 

Construction of the fort began in 1740 and it was originally intended to be a defensive position to which the local population and the militia could retreat and hold off an enemy until help arrived in the event of an invasion. The fort was mounted with numerous cannons that would end up going unused: although the governor did consider making a heroic stand against the french in 1782, he eventually opted to surrender. The cannons can still be viewed at the Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as they were moved there in the 1960’s when it underwent a restoration. A trip to Saddle Hill can be arranged through Hills and Valleys Hike and Tours. The hike is rated “easy to moderate” and is roughly two miles long, along tracks and trails used for generations by local villagers. The tour lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours with lunch provided. This scenic excursion takes you through several local villages, intriguing old ruins and wide open vistas and is appropriate for all ages.


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