Theme parks are rapidly becoming a popular destination for all age groups of people nowadays. Regardless of how old you are, you can always go and enjoy all the rides a theme park has to offer. As there is no age limitation, most people will agree that there are lots of reasons why you should visit a theme park. It’s a place that transports you to an entirely different world, with lots of opportunities to have an incredible time. If you live in Gatlinburg and have never been to a theme park, Dollywood is right around the corner. Thanks to countless amazing rides, it is the perfect place for anyone who wishes to experience all the fun. Some of the most popular rides at Dollywood are listed down below. And if rides are not your priority, there are also dinner shows in Pigeon Forge at Dollywood that you can choose and go to with your family.

Wild Eagle

As it is America’s first winged coaster, the Wild Eagle is a popular attraction at Dollywood. Since the ride reaches an elevation of 21 stories over the theme park, you can enjoy a unique experience that makes you feel like you are soaring through the skies like an eagle itself. On top of that, you can catch a view of what the Smoky Mountains look like from above. The wing coaster has you seated on the sides instead of the middle, which means there is nothing but air above and below you once the ride starts.

Whistle Punk Chaser

As the Dollywood theme park usually has a young crowd, there are specific rides for younger age groups. The Whistle Punk Chaser is a coaster for the juniors all around, and it is functional within the Timber Canyon. As it has a mix of twists and turns, it gives the young children a good feeling of how the bigger coasters are even more intense. As the experience is generally the same, it prepares them for the day they will try and take on the larger Thunderhead Wooden Coaster.

Village Carousel

A carousel ride is one of the most nostalgic experiences you can relive at the Dollywood theme park. As the carousel features a total of 60 animals, you get to choose whichever one you wish to sit on. As all the animals have their unique paint pattern, the colors and the vibrant exteriors take you by surprise. The exuberant colors are the perfect blend to make you stop and stare for a while and take it all in. The lead horse is called Dolly and has a blonde-colored mane that flows with the air. The calliope music fills the atmosphere and creates an environment filled with fun and joy.

Treetop Tower

Wildwood Grove’s oak trees fill up with fresh acorns every year, attracting different forest creatures in huge numbers.As it takes inspiration from the acorns all around, the treetop tower spins the riders in the air. While you are sitting in the acorn-shaped seating areas, you can catch a glimpse of the panoramic scenery. You can enjoy Wildwood’s trees before the ride whirls you back down to the ground.


Located in the Timber Canyon, the Thunderhead is one of the wildest rides at all of Dollywood. The old sawmill at the canyon moved lumber out of the mountainous terrain at the Thunderhead Gap. Even though the wood operations are still in focus, the attraction solely focuses on the ride. As it is functional between two huge mountains, the massive coaster stands above the treetops. The area is rough and steep, which means a 100-foot drop and a maximum speed of 55mph seem to be even more intense.

The Waltzing Swinger

After the latest improvements in the swinger, the ride can lift you 25 feet above the Country Fair. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the reserved seats for smaller age groups. If someone isn’t too old right now, they can seat themselves in these seats, right next to the parents. If you want the complete experience of these swings, it is necessary to let go of the kid inside you.

Rockin’ Roadway

If you make your way to the jukebox junction, you can try out this ride. Most people dream of a classic car, and it isn’t easy to get your hands on one. As you drive down the beauty-packed roads of Dollywood, you can enjoy the sunshine and the different cars that are available.

Daredevil Falls

The boat expedition starts from an abandoned logging camp. As only a fearless rider can keep their nerves intact, the support is anyone for anyone that won’t freak out at the last minute. As the tour guides give you an explanation of the whole thing, you can easily cooperate with their navigations. The ride’s expedition shall include the abandoned falling and the bears, making your stay on the safe side. However, barely any time is available to process this because before you know it, you’re propelled into the water down below. The best part is that Daredevil Falls does this from a 60-foot drop and a heart rate of 50mph, which is more than you can ask for.

Demolition Derby

One of the most comprehensive Gatlinburg attractions is the bumper cars that are at the country fair. This ride has been approved at amusement parks forever because it captures the same sense of excitement on a much smaller level. As there is no age limit, you can effortlessly head into a bumper car without having to get out on the road to drive. The best part about these cars is that wrecking everyone else is the entire concept. There is no need to worry about any accidental damages, and the seatbelts ensure that there is no unintentional harm to you either.

Final Thoughts

Dollywood has one of the most universal and best collections of rides. Visiting this theme park can give you a deserving break from your life’s work and reduce the accumulated stress. If you live in Gatlinburg and have never been to the Dollywood theme park, you are seriously missing out. Likewise, you can also plan your Great Smoky Mountain Vacation to Gatlinburg which will make you feel right at home.


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