As it is Georgia’s capital, Atlanta is undoubtedly the most fundamental part of the American South. Even though it wasn’t always, Atlanta is now an influential cultural and economic hub. The large and vibrant has plenty of southern charm and multiple attractions. If you are a tourist in the city, you’ll have a slim chance of finding places to go. However, there is no need to worry as we are about to discuss one of the most popular Atlanta attractions. This famous location is known as Stone Mountain Park. We will now elaborate on the different interests you can experience at this park.

The park has lots of attractions that fit the needs of all age groups.

  • Mowgli’s 4D Jungle Adventure: If you are going through the crossroads of the park, make sure to stop by for this 4D-programmed adventure. The experience takes you along the whole story and the different characters, creating a more realistic experience. The main character is a little boy called Mowgli. As he is raised in the forest by a wolf-pack, he is friends with all the creatures over there. However, he fearlessly embarks on a mission to save his tiger cub friends when they almost fall into the clutches of evil poachers. Thanks to the animals and Mowgli working together, you can experience this unlikely team in full-blown action.
  • Summit Sky Ride: As this cable car is fast and agile, you get effortless transportation to the top of Stone Mountain. When you are 825 feet over Sky Ride Plaza, you can enjoy the scenic view of the whole park. Your field of vision will let you gaze upon beautiful attractions in Atlanta that are up to 60 miles away. However, children under the age of 16 will need the supervision of an adult.
  • Dinosaur Explore: This particular attraction is available on selected dates as it includes a designated tour. The dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. Due to significant advancements in technology, some of these colossal beasts have made their way to Stone Mountain Park. Thanks to multiple special effects, the collection of twenty dinosaurs can move and make sounds, just like the creatures of old. Your adventure begins in a time machine. As you emerge from the portal, you will find yourself amid pre-historic creatures from the Jurassic age. The interactive experience improves due to the paleontology tents and a feeding wall for the dinosaurs.
  • Historic Square: The location is a complex collection of antiques and Georgia’s finest homes. These homes represent the classic infrastructure from Georgia between 1793 and 1875. As it’s crucial to maintain the authenticity of these buildings, the restoration process was remarkably detailed. The shifting of the structures from their original site was exceptionally cautious. Since anyone can enjoy the square’s antiquity, you are allowed to explore on your own. If you are obsessed with kitchenware, you shouldn’t forget to check out the sweet-smelling cookhouse that is functional up to this day. These houses also consist of the highest-quality furniture collection that was functional during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Scenic Railroad: The full-sized train on the crossroads is from the 1940s. Once you board the locomotive, you get to experience a five-mile tour around the mountainous terrain. The cars are open for an airy feel while you stare at the beautiful scenes and large landscapes that consume Stone Mountain. You can board the train at the Marketplace Depot for the experience of a lifetime. The train trip’s time-frame is 30 minutes, and you need to be at the depot at the exact departure dates to take part in all the fun.
  • SkyHike: Another attraction located at the crossroads is this modern hiking setup. Even though the capacity is limited, anyone who waits for their turn will get one of the best add-on experiences ever. As this structure is the most extensive family adventure course in the nation, you can climb higher than ever. Every path you choose leads to different destinations, as no hiking route is the same. Choose any one hiking trail and test your spontaneity’s limitations. You can traverse the course while fastened to a patented overhead security system. Depending on the level of your fearlessness, you can choose between the 12-foot, 24-foot, and 40-foot high trails.
  • Two 18-Hole Golf Courses: The Stone Mountain Golf Club is simply minutes away from downtown Atlanta and offers 36 holes of championship golf in total. Thanks to the beautiful view of the mountains and the lake, your golfing experience only becomes so much better. The classic challenges get a modernized twist because of the uniqueness of the two courses. The Stonemont course is a masterpiece that tests your pure golfing skills, accuracy, and strategies to beat the game. The layout is spread over 6,863 yards and offers a daunting challenge due to the tight fairways and tactically positioned bunkers. On the other hand, the Lakemont course complements the other by a less taxing, target-based arrangement. The scenic views all around let you have a more care-free golfing session.
  • Studdard Picnic Area: After a whole day of sight-seeing and making your way through different attractions, the fatigue is bound to kick in at one point. After you’ve had enough of all the fun, you can head over to the Studdard picnic area and wind down. As its location is across the Marnia complex, the walk won’t be excruciatingly long. Thanks to a large capacity and 200 tables, this is the most extensive picnicking spot made for the public. The tables are available on a first-come, first-serve principle, which means you should be vigilant of your time. Private grills are also usable for the area’s public spots.

Final Thoughts

Stone Mountain Park has so many attractions that you probably can’t partake in every activity, even if you stay the whole day. If you are a tourist in Atlanta and wondering where to go next, you should put this park down on your list. The outdoor temptations all around are destined to have you hooked.


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