Summer is the best time to dine in Taiwan! With the Tropic of Cancer cutting through the island, the temperate climate creates ideal growing conditions for local ingredients, while multiple culinary festivals celebrate authentic cuisine of the land.

Mangos are the perfect seasonal fruit to mark the start of summer in Taiwan. Enjoy them fresh from the market and discover all the ways they can enhance local dishes. One can’t- miss treat is Taipei’s famous mango shaved ice from Ice Monster, named by CNN Travel as one of “Top Ten Best Desserts Around The World”. This refreshing dessert features fresh mango, mango juice, and sweet condensed milk atop a pile of fluffy shaved ice.

Find even more satisfying flavors at the Tainan International Mango Festival! From June 24 to July 22, visitors can sample different varieties of this delicious fruit, as well as fresh juices, preserved jams, and an array of savory and sweet dishes incorporating mangoes.

Aiyu jelly is another popular summer dessert that sweet-toothed travelers cannot miss! Created from fig seeds that are native to Taiwan, aiyu jelly has been a thirst-quenching summer treat since the 1800s. Explore night markets all over the island to sample it with honey and lemon juice or atop mounds of shaved ice for a satisfyingly sweet and refreshing end to your day.

To experience the breadth of flavors and techniques of Asia — from street food to fine dining — the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition showcases tastings, chef demonstrations and competitions. Last year, this special event reached 155,000 attendees and is expected to set a new record this summer! The exhibition will be held from July 21 to July 24 at Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center.


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