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What To Pack For An Aussie Rail Adventure

From lush rainforests to incredible landforms, there’s no doubt that Australia is one of the most diverse continents in the world. With countless gorgeous sights waiting for you at the ‘Land Down Under,’ you might miss out on most of them while you’re up in the skies; the same goes when travelling across the waters. Fortunately, travelers have the option to start their Aussie adventure via rail.

Although trains aren’t as fast as planes, many prefer the latter. Because on top of having the opportunity to appreciate the sights up close, travelling by train is even more comfortable than by plane or car. Aussie Trains and other reputable rail services guarantee a great experience from start to finish.

But considering how different the experience is from plane or road trips, first-time train travelers might get stuck on what they’re supposed to pack. Here are some things that must stay in your bag each time you head out on a rail adventure:

  • Convenient Bag

Unlike traveling by plane, there’s no need to separate you from your luggage on a train. But given how cramped it is to sit with all your things, each cabin has overhead racks and compartments for passengers to place their luggage. While it’s comforting to have your possessions close by, prying it open every time you need to get something might be too troublesome.

One of the first rules seasoned travelers bring up is choosing the right bags. Even though backpacks and rolling suitcases are easy to maneuver down the aisle, only specific designs work more efficiently. For example, it’s almost impossible for bulky rolling suitcases to pass through narrow aisles without forcing them. In contrast, backpacks without any zippered compartments and pouches make it challenging to access them when up on the racks.

Aim for convenience when choosing a bag for your luggage. Pick one with compartments to organize everything while remaining on the smaller side. That way, you can carry it without wearing yourself out. Once you have a bag for most of your things, remember to include a carry-on bag on your list. After all, you’d want your valuables closest to you.

  • Documents

Each continent has specific traveling policies for foreigners. Granted, traveling by plane might be stricter than any mode of transportation. Yet train travelers must always remember to keep their travel documents with them.

Check your train ticket to see if you have the right one, especially for those purchasing them online. Ensure your identification and other travelling documents you need are kept somewhere convenient. After all, it’s too stressful to search around your bag once the ticket inspector is there for your paperwork.

  • Change Of Clothes

Aside from the sights, Australia has a diverse climate that tends to make it unpredictable, even with the weather forecast. With this in mind, you must prepare your wardrobe for what’s to come. Given how carriages are air-conditioned, it’s unsurprising to find them freezing during the trip. Consider gathering clothes that are fit for layering. That way, you can keep warm when the temperature’s low and peel it off once the Australian heat welcomes you when you step outside.

  • Power Adapter

It’s almost impossible to travel without having any electronics on you. You can do anything from cell phones to laptops as long as you have them and the internet. While they’re already a given, how you’ll keep them charged might be a problem. After all, power banks can only go so far until they require charging.

But considering you’re heading for somewhere new, you might encounter a problem with the outlets. Countries tend to use different outlets, making it challenging for travelers to use their electricity. Thus, before purchasing a charger at your stop, consider investing in a universal power adapter instead of suffering dead electronic devices.

  • Entertainment

Even though you have a front-row seat for the view outside, some might find it dull once the newness wears off. Keep yourself occupied by packing sources of entertainment. Avoid relying on your phone too much since using it solely for entertainment wastes battery charge. Instead, have puzzles or books to fill in your travel time. After all, there’s nothing more enjoyable than great entertainment.

  • Personal Toiletries

Traveling by train takes a long time. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about the essentials since food and water are provided. But given how long the trip takes, you might find the urge to visit the bathroom. Bring a toiletry kit for you to do your business without any hold-ups. Include your skin care products if it takes a few days to go around Australia.

  • Sleeping Aides

Given Australia’s many sights, it might take a long time to travel the entire continent. Fortunately, overnight cabins are available on many trains. Even though they promise a good night’s sleep, some might find it impossible. Consider investing in quality sleeping aides for an excellent sleeping experience. Travel pillows, lightweight blankets, and an eye mask are great tools for quality sleep. Include earplugs for those sensitive to the train’s noise.


Australia is nothing short of impressive. From incredible views to a diverse ecosystem, there’s no shortage of beauty in the ‘Land Down Under.’ But as exciting as it is to head over, it’s easy to get stumped over what you’ll pack for the trip. Instead of wasting time heavily considering each one, know what you’re facing in Australia and gear up for the worst.