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Which US Destination Could Become the Next Las Vegas?

As people begin to look toward the future of the travel industry, it is worth considering which destinations have the potential to thrive in the long-term.

As the gambling epicenter of the United States and a place synonymous with glitz and glamour, Las Vegas has been one of the most visited hotspots in the country for decades. However, the city is facing numerous struggles that may affect its ability to retain tourists in the future. For one, its climate is increasingly becoming uninhabitable, with average daily temperatures reaching all-time-highs of 105 degrees Fahrenheit last year. In addition, rising prices, partly the result of city authorities attempting to pivot to a more upmarket tourist clientele, are having a noticed impact on visitor numbers, which have been falling consistently for over a decade.

With that in mind, it’s worth asking whether another city may be poised to take the crown as America’s next hedonistic travel capital. Let’s take a closer look at the current contenders.

1. Atlantic City

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This first contender is perhaps the most obvious, given that it has been in competition with Vegas for close to a century. Atlantic City, NJ is already a global epicenter for casinos and gambling. The city is undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment, with a number of major new hotel openings in recent years. The city benefits from extremely liberal gambling laws that are on par with Vegas, with New Jersey being one of the few places in America where real-money online poker is completely legal without restriction. The competitive advantage could see Atlantic City take the crown in a few years’ time.

2. Los Angeles

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Although not a big city for gamblers, Los Angeles is well-placed to become the premier travel destination for thrillseekers. The city recently topped a ranking of the most hedonistic places in America, thanks in part to a staggering concentration of nightclubs, bars, and outdoor party venues that dominate areas such as Silver Lake, Venice Beach, and West Hollywood. The city also benefits from a world-class dining scene that now boasts 24 Michelin-starred restaurants, putting it on par with famous foodie capitals such as Rome and Seoul. In recent years, Los Angeles has grown up, making this an ideal spot for anyone looking for a more sophisticated kind of entertainment.

3. Miami

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It should come as no surprise that the beachside paradise of Miami is a serious contender for the title of Party Capital of America. Year-round sunshine, 24-hour licensing laws, and hundreds of miles of beachfront mean that, no matter what of the day it is, there is always a raucous party going down somewhere in town. The city has made a major name for itself in recent years by pivoting away from the spring breakers crowd and attracting a staggering number of world-class music festivals to its shores, including Ultra, Wynwood, and the Winter Ball, one of the largest LGBT festivals on the planet. Miami welcomes people for a good time 24/7 and doesn’t give a damn about who you are or where you come from.

4. Reno

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Although smaller in size and stature that its gigantic neighbor, Reno NV is in a good position to steal some of Vegas’ thunder in the next few years. The city ranked as the fastest-growing in America in 2018, with a booming economy helping to spur a building explosion that has seen a number of new hotels, casinos, and clubs set up shop in the area. The city is also much, much cheaper than Las Vegas for everything from hotel rooms to cocktails, giving this plucky little enclave a major competitive advantage.

Although Las Vegas will likely bounce back and remain a major tourist destination, it may not stay on top forever. These are the places to keep an eye on if you’re on the hunt for the next Sin City.