Getting to travel and get paid while doing it is one of the dreams most people have. Because, let’s face it, most of us love to travel. But what if we could do it and also make some money in the process, or even make a living out of it?

Even though you may not be sure you can find such a dream job, the truth is that there are plenty of opportunities.

Traveling and working at the same time helps improving the productivity, and also improves the quality of life. People really live longer and better if they can enjoy traveling while they work.

But which are the best such “dream jobs” to take? Here are seven of the jobs for people who really love to travel:

Professional yacht crew/Cruise ship worker

Be it a yacht or a cruise ship, these super vessels need people for maintenance and all sorts of jobs. A lot of people, that is. From stewardesses to engineers, and from cashiers to technicians, there are plenty of jobs for many kinds of professional backgrounds.

Sailing the oceans and the seas of the world is one great way to travel and also get paid – sometimes very well. Also, if you love interacting with different people onboard, and if you are sociable enough, then, yes, this is your dream job.

Marine engineer

A marine engineer is one of the best paid travel jobs on the market. They can easily make $100,000 per year, and also enjoy the world.

A marine engineer has to design, build and maintain the ship, and there are often times when their presence is needed aboard. After all, there are many situations when they have to keep the engines running.

Flight attendant

Obviously, this is one of the dream travel jobs – and you get all those airline tickets, hotel discounts and much more.

Though, this may be more suitable for people who know they will be away from home many days, sometimes during holidays or important days in family. Also, the training may be tough and the tasks are very precise. The working hours aren’t always the best, and some passengers may be difficult to deal with.

So, even though it seems a dream travel job, it has its ups and downs.

Professional poker player

Being a professional poker player is also a must-travel activity. You can play Poker Online, that’s true, but sometimes you have to actually be present at the tournaments.

While there are just a few players who actually play poker for a living and get to travel that much around the world, this one is too a great travel dream job.

Travel nurse

A travel nurse is one of the best paid travel jobs. A travel nurse can make up to $100,000 per year, and gets to move around very much. The job implies moving between the clients or companies/hospitals, to perform medical tests, administer medication, or assess patient recovery.

Travel nurses must have a background in health, and it takes usually between two and four years to get the degree. Some of the benefits include free housing, medical coverage and rental cars. And the demand for these positions is growing.

Travel writer/blogging

One of the travel jobs people think the most, is of course, the travel writer or travel blogging. This may come in all sorts of ways and winnings. You can be a freelancer, you cand write for a specific publication, a number of outlets, or own your travel blog.

There isn’t a precise rule to actually get this job done, instead you just get to know along the way what is that you are best at.


Last but not least, a bartender is a job that you can actually travel with. And that is because there are countless bars and restaurants all over the world, so if you have experience in this area you can work, live, and then travel again being a bartender. Also, you will get a lot of interactions, so the experience will be even more fun.


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