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First Time in Vegas? These Are the Casinos You Need to Visit

Photo by Julian Paefgen

Las Vegas is one of the most striking cities in the world. It is one of the most important cities when it comes to the casino industry as there are lots of casino venues that offer a variety of games for players. But these venues aren’t just places you visit to play games, they are resorts and offer restaurants, spas, and even shopping centers. From comedy clubs, to canyons, there really is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

Now that you’ve made it to Sin City central, you’ll need to visit some of these places. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you need specific games, then you can go to specific venues. Either way, you’ll need some suggestions so you don’t wander off aimlessly. In that regard, here are the casinos you must visit in Vegas:

MGM Grand

The thing about the MGM Grand is that it’s a casino venue for everyone. In other words, both casino players and regular visitors will find what they’re looking for. Casino players will enjoy a variety of gaming tables as well as some decent slot machines. They can see here for the highest RTP slots at MGM casino or see what else the venue has to offer. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the game selection.

Golden Nugget

If you’re looking for table games, then the Golden Nugget casino will have you covered. Table-game pilots are frequent at this casino so you can pick any day you want to visit and if it happens to be a table-game pilot day then you will get to try one or two new games in the venue. This is one of the casinos that offer the Free Bet blackjack variant which gives players more options when the dealer gets a value of 22. It’s a unique take on blackjack, and if you’re looking for something new then you can go for that.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is probably one of the most famous casino venues in Vegas. It has been part of movies galore and its popularity hasn’t diminished throughout the ages. This is a place for any true casino fan, and you won’t be disappointed by the variety of casino games available in this establishment. Another thing that this casino venue has to offer is an interesting sportsbook which is known to gather quite the crowd.


Bellagio and Las Vegas go way back. This is the casino destination for poker players and it’s some of the best ones around. Regardless if you’re a pro or just getting started, there are tables for all sorts of poker players including limit and no-limit tables. The thing that makes this casino amazing is that the players can get food and drinks while they’re playing, as well as back and neck massages. In other words, Bellagio is one casino venue that takes its players seriously and leaves them satisfied.

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Spots like the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa make Las Vegas a popular tourist destination. As the name suggests, this venue has casino games for every casino player, but it gives them and other visitors a selection of other attractions. There are lots of bars, as well as a spa that will take your breath away, some pools that are worth a dip into, a bowling alley, and even a movie theater. Don’t forget about the resort’s stake-house. In other words, it’s an establishment that has a lot to offer.


These are only some of the Vegas joints that are worth a visit regardless if you’re looking to play some casino games or enjoy some time off. These venues are paradise incarnate and they won’t let you down.