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Klahoose Wilderness Resort | British Columbia, Canada

Located in the heart of Desolation Sound, Klahoose Wilderness Resort resides on an off-the-grid, intimate eco-resort. Days are filled with the gentle voices of nature, ancient forests, and experiences rich in culture. 

New to the resort this year, guests can enjoy a Woodfire Sauna located on a floating dock in the ocean. Being in Desolation Sound, visitors will be immersed in nature’s song. From the Wood Fire Sauna, guests can take part in the immersive marine and wildlife viewing; witness orca’s, humpback whales, eagles and more, all from the comfort of a boat, your room, or the perfectly situated deck. 

Chris Tait, Tourism Manager at Klahoose Wilderness Resort describes the welcoming experience, “When guests come ashore, they have just entered the land of the Klahoose People and Desolation Sound. A traditional Klahoose welcome sets the tone for the entire stay as voices ring out to the beat of a drum. Refreshing welcome drinks are served with seasonal fruit, introductions begin and an invitation to slow down, smell the rainforest and taste the ocean. The deep richness of sharing, connection and the magic of the experience begins.” 

Ainsworth Hot Springs

Kootenay Lake, British Columbia

Visitors to Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, located on the traditional homelands of the Ktunaxa (pronounced ‘K-too-nah-ha’) people are welcomed to experience the rich history and soak in the spirit waters (nupika wu’u) the warrior’s defending their territory would bathe in to ease wounds. Ainsworth Hot Springs offers guests the opportunity to soak in an array of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium and silica, rounding out a perfect getaway to refresh.

After a soak, indulge this Wellness Day with the Full Body Medicinal Plant Wrap at the Spirit Water Spa. The wrap seals your entire body in a steamy medicinal wrap steeped in combinations of wild medicinal plants harvested from the local area. Combining the knowledge of the land, flora and fauna to heal and balance, the fast-acting plant medicines absorb into the muscles and tissue, helping to relieve sore muscles, inflammation and relieve tension. 

Ahous Adventures

Tofino, British Columbia

New in 2023, the ʕaḥuusʔatḥ (Ahousaht) Nation has extended their eco-tour adventure offerings with Hot Spring Cove tours. Their guides will take visitors on a journey through ʕaḥuusʔatḥ haḥuułii (Ahousaht hahoulthee) – the territorial lands, waters and culture.

With a 30-minute wooden boardwalk trail to the hot springs, guests will weave through old-growth rainforest alongside the rocky coastline. Throughout the journey, guides will share the history and cultural significance of Hot Springs Cove, and how the Ahousaht Nation have used these for generations, for their physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

On arrival, revel in relaxing and healing mineral waters for 1.5-2 hours. With the Pacific ocean steps away, guests can take part in ‘hot and cold’ water therapy. An experience linking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of being, the Hot Spring Cover tour will ground guests and offer a one of a kind experience.

The Saskatoon Berry smoothie 

Kekuli Cafe, Merritt, BC

Available at the Kekuli Cafe, Merritt (for $6.95), the Saskatoon Berry Smoothie is born from the significance of Saskatoon berries in Indigenous culture. Historically, First Nations pounded the berries into a thick paste and dried them for winter, often mixing with eulachon grease for sustenance. 

Full of antioxidants, minerals, manganese, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals, the berry is native to British Columbia and the Prairies, central to this drink. Considered a superfood, the Saskatoon berry and this smoothie is an easy and accessible way to incorporate Wellness Day into your daily life. If you’re interested in receiving additional non-alcoholic beverage recipes and recommendations, let us know. We have plenty to share.