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San Francisco Travel’s Guide to Martinis

San Francisco has always been a city of firsts; but did you know that among the many things created here, the martini was one of them? Keep reading for a crash course in martini history and our selections of the bars, restaurants, and hotels where you can find the most inventive and delicious martinis in San Francisco.

The History of the Martini in San Francisco

During the 1880s, the town of Martinez in California was where miners gathered after prospecting in the Sierra Nevadas. A bartender developed a drink for miners to celebrate striking gold. The miners liked it so much that when one of them passed through San Francisco, they asked for a drink just like the one in Martinez. It is believed that a bartender in the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco created the martini by substituting white wine with vermouth—and so the famous drink ended up on the menu.

Even today, the martini continues to be one of the most popular cocktails globally. Where better to taste it than a bar in San Francisco?

What Makes a Perfect Martini?

When the martini was first created, it was a much sweeter drink than it is today. According to the experts, the perfect martini is made with just a few ingredients, but they must be of high quality. One part dry vermouth is combined with four parts gin and mixed together for around 10 seconds. The drink is poured into a chilled glass and served with a twist of lemon or an olive and ice.

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