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Top 5 Travel Gear You Need Most When Travelling To Colder Climates

We all love traveling, and sometimes, you will travel to colder climates which requires you to pack differently than when traveling to hotter places. You need travel gear specifically for cold temperatures, or you risk spending more money or falling ill on your trip. 

When most people pack for travel to colder climates, they have to carry bundles of suitcases. However, you can pack light even when traveling to frigid places. 

Clothing is the most important thing when traveling to cold areas, hence we will focus on that. 

The following is the top travel gear you need most when traveling to colder climates: 

Base Layer

A crucial facet of traveling to colder climates is the base layer of clothes you wear. A base layer might be thin, but it will give you as much warmth as a heavy piece of clothing. A base layer will also decrease the stress of traveling by reducing your luggage.

The first thing you should pack when traveling to a cold place is a base layer shirt. Wool is the best material for a base layer shirt, but it can be expensive. You can add a cheaper polyester base shirt if you are traveling for long. 

Base layers can be short or long-sleeved depending on how cold your destination is and how well it matches your other outfits. Without a base layer for a freezing trip, you will undoubtedly suffer. 


When you travel to cold climates, you need to travel in layers. When you have a good base layer, you need other layers. A coat is usually the top layer and a crucial one. 

You do not need to wear a heavy and bulky jacket when traveling to cold climates if you have a good base layer. Luxury jackets for men by Alexander Mcqueen will be just fine if you have a good base layer. 

You should not pack more than one coat in addition to the one you are wearing, and in most cases, one coat is enough. The reason is that coats take up too much space and will increase your luggage. 


Packing socks for cold weather is one of the essential aspects of traveling to cold places. It would be best to have large and thick socks that will not take up too much luggage space. 

The best pair of socks for cold weather trips are thin socks that could still keep you warm. They will not only take up less luggage space than thicker socks but will also dry faster.

If you are doing outdoor activities like hiking on your trip, you should carry woolen hiking socks. They are thinner than winter socks and are also reinforced to prevent slouching. 


Sticking with feet, you also need the right shoes once you have the right socks. Boots are often the best choice for cold climates, and hiking boots are the best if your trip will involve plenty of walking or hiking. 

You will require shoes with soft soles but large and deep treads to reduce slippage on snowy and icy surfaces. Therefore, leather soles are a terrible idea for cold weather travel. 

Boots are one of the bulkiest items to pack as they consume a lot of space. Hence, you should wear the shoes you want to travel with, and if you have an extra pair, it would be better to hang them on your backpack. 


You will undoubtedly need some accessories when traveling to cold climates. The best accessories for cold weather will be woolen. 

The accessories will include items like gloves, scarves, and hats. If you can wear them or put them in your coat, the better as it reduces your luggage. 

The most important thing when traveling to cold climates is staying warm. If you have the above gear, you should be ready for almost anything. If you need anything else, you can acquire it at your destination.