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vacation in Barbados

How To Pay For Your Dream Summer Vacation

When the summertime arrives, you might want to book a flight to some remote location and spend a couple of days there. However, it...
Macro shot biometric passport with schengen visa.

How To Apply For A Switzerland Schengen Visa For Philippine Tourists

Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe, boasting breathtaking landscapes from majestic Alps to tranquil lakes and charming cities. Philippine tourists looking to experience...


Don’t Rent at the Airport if You Can Help It - It is so much cheaper to take an airport shuttle to a city...

How to stay safe on foreign roads

Staying safe on foreign roads is a common concern among travelers. Most of us learn to drive on the streets we knew as children....

Things You Need to Bring on Your First Camping Trip

Camping is a  favorite pastime for many people; it is good for the mind, body, and soul. People enjoy it because it gives them...
man packing Christmas gift boxes in car

Protect Your Car During The Holidays From Break-Ins

The holiday season is a time when many people travel and leave their cars behind. Unfortunately, this also makes your car a prime target...

How To Get Over The Fear Of Flying, From A Frequent Traveller

Many of us struggle with a wave of fear as soon as the fasten seatbelt sign comes on. From the fear of turbulence to...

Keep your Skin Hydrated During a Flight with Freeze 24-7 Coconut Masks

Let’s face it: dry cabin air in the plane is absolutely unavoidable. Luckily Freeze 24-7 has the perfect gel mask to fight back against...

How To Feel Confident If Your 18-Year-Old Is Traveling

As a parent you want to try and honor your children’s want for independence. However if your kids are technically a legal adult at...
trucks drive on a hyway

What Causes the Most Common Truck Accidents

They say, “With more power comes more responsibility,” and this can’t be truer when it comes to semi-trucks. They are massive, very powerful, and...