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items to take with you wehn you travel

Passport Pundit: 5 Tips for Becoming a Pro Traveler

Having the heart of an adventurer and feeling the desire to explore is one thing, but having experience traveling is entirely another. Demanding jobs...


Europe is bursting with well kept history in numerous countries large and small. The history of western civilization in North America has its roots...

Stuck inside? 7 Ways to See the World Virtually

Amid COVID-19, many of us have now been isolated into our homes. Working from home can be hard to adapt into, especially if you have small...
Travel Nostalgia During a Pandemic

How to Overcome Travel Nostalgia During a Pandemic

The global pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people. Staying at home for days and nights, lots of limitations for going out,...
gaming dice

What Are the Casino Strategies that Any Newbie Can Handle

Online casino games are becoming more accessible to a broad audience, although you can't jump right into them without some tips and strategies to...

Peer-to-peer boat rental trend spreads to Puerto Rico

Boatsetter, a leading international boat sharing service announced the formation of a new partnership with Wally Castro Marine in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The deal is...

Virtual Activities while locked in: Friends edition

In these uncertain times of a worldwide pandemic, everyone is under lockdown together. Being isolated for such extended periods of time, it’s easy to...
car driving in downtown

The Things You Can Install on Your Car That Will Make It Safer to...

It’s in everyone’s best interest that their car is the safest it can be on the road. All of the car manufacturers have been...

Top Travel Workouts You Can Do Without Equipment

You may be traveling on business or on vacation, and you have no access to fully equipped fitness facilities. A busy schedule or lots...
travel to Canada

Planning a trip to Canada? Consider these helpful travel tips

What springs to mind when you think of Canada? Ice hockey? Mounties? Niagara Falls? Canada is renowned for its breath-taking beauty as much as...