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How to Keep Your Children Safe on Family Trips

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Photo by Steven Thompson

Going on a family vacation with your loved ones is an excellent way to make memories and enjoy time together. However, such trips can often require more planning than child-free ones. You must think about safe, family-friendly activities and the safety measures you’ll need to implement for different locations. If safety is your primary concern, take note of these tips below:

Research Food Options in Advance

Traveling with children in a foreign country can create some challenges around meal times. Children won’t always try new foods they’ve never seen before, and you can struggle to find brands they’re familiar with. You might even be concerned about the safety of available food options.

For peace of mind and convenience, research universal snack and meal options that are easy to prepare anywhere in the world, such as muffins, fruit, and pizza scrolls. While preparing your children’s food, it can also be helpful to research questions like ‘How long is formula good for?’ and ‘What are the best foods to prevent motion and travel sickness?’ You can then be well-informed about what to buy if your children experience car sickness and how long you can keep baby formula safely on your travels before it needs to be consumed.  

Prepare Your Children

If your children are old enough to understand the basics of safety, talk to them about what a safe vacation looks like. You might discuss what you would like them to do if you become separated, such as approaching an adult with children or meeting them at a specific location. It can be worth running through any safety plans with your children more than once to help them remember. You might also consider purchasing bright and distinctive outfits for your children. They can often be easier to spot in a crowded place.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

Part of going on a family vacation involves exploring new locations. Your family might have plans to visit natural attractions like state parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, and beaches. When exposed to new environments, accidents can sometimes happen. Make sure your family packs a medical kit to take care of scratches, cuts, and other injuries on the go. At a minimum, ensure your kit has bandages, pain relief, topical creams, and sunscreen.

Make Information Cards

It can be every parent’s worst nightmare to lose sight of their children in a busy and unfamiliar place. However, making information cards for your children might provide much-needed peace of mind.

If the worst should happen and your travel party becomes separated, your children will have information on them that might help you get reunited faster. Phone numbers, names, and the name of your hotel can all be helpful details to include.

Pack Child-Proofing Equipment

Not all accommodation providers will have the equipment you use at home to keep your children safe, such as baby gates and outlet covers. Pack child-proofing gear that will fit in your bag, such as cabinet locks and outlet covers. You can also ring your hotel in advance and see if they have baby gates and other equipment you can use.

Buy Wearable Tracking Devices

Crowded theme parks and tourist attractions can make any parent a nervous wreck. With so many people in one area, children can easily slip away after a moment of inattention. While wearable tracking devices can’t stop you from losing sight of your child, they may help you find them much faster. Children can wear these GPS devices on their wrists or have them placed in their backpacks. If you lose sight of them, you can use your smartphone to find their location.

Planning a fun and safe family vacation can take time, but it can be easier than you think. Take some of these measures above, and your next family trip might be memorable for all the right reasons.