Sanchari Roy has travelled to over sixty countries, sometimes in the most creative of ways and facing many challenges en-route. However, she wouldn’t change any of it for the world – quite literally.

In her new book, ‘The Hungry Traveller: Exploring The World, Food and Life’, Roy unravels her experiences to give readers a fascinating look into a life of discovery, new experiences and unforgettable encounters.


This is no Lonely Planet travel guide (and it doesn’t try to be), but for those unsure about where to go next, what to do next, how to combat fear and complacency in their travels and in life, this book is for you. Battling her reservations and pushing her limits, Sanchari Roy has pulled together her observations and analyses on travel, cuisine and life. With snippets of her experiences from some of the 60 countries around Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe, this book gives readers a taste of the world from the eyes of a Hungry Traveller. The book contains insights, reviews, short articles, recipes, as well as frameworks to incorporate travelling into a well balanced life.

“There really is a bit of everything in this book, no matter what you like, where in the world you want to visit and what you like to do when you’re away from home,” explains the author. “Overall, I hope my experiences empower people to take a trip somewhere new, perhaps not with perfect planning, and let the spirit of travel give them memories they’ll never forget. It’s certainly a spontaneous streak that has made my life so enjoyable.”

Continuing, “I also share a lot of wisdom and lessons on how to make your travel less stressful, and face the challenges you’ll meet with the best attitude and outlook. It can be hard to deal with things when away from home and, if you travel enough, you will need to face and get through some tough times. However, throughout it all, you never need to compromise the basic joy and gift that travel is.”

Reviews for the book have been extremely positive. Sants writes, “This is a great read! It gives you that spark to go and do things i.e. travel round the world. Lots of important life lessons included which means overall you feel more

empowered after reading this book.” ‘The Hungry Traveller: Exploring The World, Food and Life’ is available now: AMAZON


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