Some of The World’s Most Luxurious Villas

Villa Muthee at Shangri-La Villingili Golf Resort & Spa Muthee, meaning 'pearl' in the local Dhivehi language, is a villa for those craving sanctuary from the...
travel hacks

8 Expert Travel Hacking Tips for 2017

By Brian Robson “Travel hacking” is when you work within the rules of airlines, hotels, and travel credit cards to earn rewards such as points...
Traveling After the Pandemic

Traveling After the Pandemic – When, Where, and Why?

While almost half of the global population is stuck inside for what it seems at least until mid-May or the beginning of June, most...

Handy Devices To Have When You Go Outdoors For Your Next Hike

Hiking is one of the most primitive human experiences we can still have today. Moving through the great outdoors, feeling the rush of fresh...
tourist at airport in Russia

Russpass Tourist Resource Gains Three New Features

Users of the Russpass tourist resource now have access to three new features, including the ability to log in through social networks and to...

Travelers Take Heed: Wildlife Poses Dangers For Those Unaware

As the summer travel season begins, many tourists head to outdoor destinations that bring them into contact with wildlife they don't normally encounter back...

Pint-sized travellers reveal big-time travel tips

Each year Sunwing searches for their new “Kidcationers” (kids ages 14 and under) from across the country to experience, review and test out all...

Keep your Skin Hydrated During a Flight with Freeze 24-7 Coconut Masks

Let’s face it: dry cabin air in the plane is absolutely unavoidable. Luckily Freeze 24-7 has the perfect gel mask to fight back against...

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Frequently

Whether it’s your first time venturing abroad or you’re a seasoned traveler, we all make mistakes that could at least cause you a bit of a...

Learning Outside: Benefits of Field Trips

There was nothing better when you were at school, then heading out with your classmates on a field trip. It didn’t matter where you...

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